It’s My Choice

By Meg Dhlamini

These days, politics in the United States are driven by propaganda and bullying. In my opinion, under the rule of President Donald Trump, many people have come forward to express their opinion on abortion using religion as their main tactic to justify their point. Those same people would spread hate and sexism, in excess, to point out how their opinion and biased facts far surpass the opinion and choice of the person in question. Religion has been used as a weapon mixed with politics and a dash of inaccurate myths to persuade women not to abort.

Now, I am not a US citizen, and nor am I implying that every US citizen shares the same ideal or opinions, but a woman should have a choice on what to do with her body. Prohibiting women from making a clear and concise choice on abortion would only lead to "backdoor" and far more dangerous procedures. It is puzzling to pressure a woman to do something that she does not want to do. Yes, there are several ways of prevention, but not even those can guarantee not falling pregnant. Having the choice to abort or not should rely solely on the person involved and no one else. Just as getting dangerous procedures like butt and breast implants, or lip injections and botox. Quite frankly, I find those procedures far worse and uncontrolled, than the decision to go for an abortion.

Playing on the religion card as well, the God you serve is a forgiving God, and when you die, you face God alone, without an audience, without social interjections and opinions.

Perhaps we should allow people to do what they want with their own bodies without feeling that we have a right to judge them based on your opinion, and perhaps we should learn to mind our own business, because we do not know what happens behind their closed doors. There are more serious things going on in the world like hunger, pollution, and inequality, to name a few, and the money used to fight abortion laws could be used for a greater change in the world.

A woman should have the right to do and say what she wants without anyone telling her different, and the fact that this topic lies in the hands of powerful men (and women) who have little to no respect for the women who have the right to their own body, is quite shameful and disheartening.

Adriana DeNoble