What To do For Christmas in Rome

by Adriana DeNoble

Staying in Rome over the winter break? Here’s a check-list of fun things to do and see over the holiday season!

Take pictures of the lights and decorations around Trastevere

Piazza Santa Maria features some beautiful lighting decorations around the holiday season. Sit on the steps of the fountain, grab a hot chocolate, and sit in awe of the beauty!

Shop the christmas markets at Piazza Navona

Pick up gifts for your friends and family (and a couple for yourself as well).

Go ice skating by Castel Sant’Angelo at Grinzing Village

Skate next to the enchanting fortress and snag some amazing instagram photos!

Eat festive food like panettone, cotechino and lenticchie

The delicious panettone is a bready-cake that is traditionally sprinkled with candied orange peels and raisins, however, you can find many variations that mix in chocolate, pistachios, and more! Cotechino is a pork roll that is typically served with lentils and is a traditional meal Italians eat on New Year’s.

Attend the Hanukkah Street Party in the Jewish Ghetto

Head to Via del Portico d'Ottavia to celebrate Hanukkah with a lively street party!

Adriana DeNoble