A Black Ocean Full of Mermaids

by Eleonora Papotto

Thoughts were swimming

Inside my head.

Calling me to lose my mind

Shouting silently my name.

Seductive mermaids

Long hair full of thorns.

Colorful, sharping tails

You will never see their eyes.

From the depths

by Marilù Ciabattoni

Watch the rain

Fall all over you,

Stare at the sky

And look for


I woke up


About the city

By night,

And from the depths

Of the mundane abyss

Of this new world

I find my quiet


I dreamt of light,

Of colors flashing

Before my eyelids:


Delicate petals

Soaked in dew.

And I’ll rise again,

Go over the balcony,

Watch below,

See the city

From above:

You’ll catch a blink

Of me,

With my wings


Before I jump.

You’ll never

See me



By Fabio Semeraro

Her hair like pure gold,

so shining, so rich

Her lips like lava,

so burning a kiss

Her eyes like darkness,  

far deeper than night

Her smile like sunshine,

a morning's delight

Her voice like a siren's,

Ulysses would lure

Her scent panacea,

of all ills the cure.

Her figure like silk,

so slender and thin

Her poise of a queen,

no girl's ever been

Her grace like rainbows,

so precious and rare

Her beauty like life,

so vast and unfair

Her true appearance,

concealed to the eyes

Her true persona,

a muse in disguise

Her presence a blessing,

the heart's only bail

Her sighting a mirage,

an old fairytale,

Her company on earth,

of passion the root

Her love the apple,

the forbidden fruit

Her many wonders,

I remember all

Only her name,

I cannot recall

The blessed dark

by Marilù Ciabattoni

Last night,

I dreamt

Of you and I,

Dead bodies

Lying on each other.

The sky is beautiful

Even when

It’s angry.

Paint me

On the road:

Crimson glass

On canvas.


Like stars,


In the daytime.

Show me,



Show me

How to build

A heart.

Holy night,

Come for me,

Own me,

Marry me:

Marry me

In my black dress,

Touch me

In my ripped


Kiss me

In the pale


Before leaving,

Lead me

Into the dark.

The blessed


What a threat I am to myself!

by Eleonora Papotto

I get sad for thousand reasons

Believing that a blank page

And dark ink

Will save me

From my own reasons.

But, as long as I stain the paper

My sadness increases, expands

It touches every corner of myself.

What a threat I am to myself!

I write to kill my sadness

But it turns out

That it actually cures me.

Maybe I am a masochist,

I enjoy the taste of a missed happiness.

Indeed, I love

How the ink stains a blank page

As we still have control  

Of what to ruin.

Adriana DeNoble