Where JCU Is Heading And Why Engagement Will Get Us There: A Letter to the Student Body.

by Giovanni Raguso

The goal of any administration is to turn a current situation into a better one. This is why, when your very own 2018-2019 Student Government administration was first introduced, reviewing the communication process amongst our Student Body, Administration, and Faculty, became – and still is – our priority. What proper communication enables is the essential element to a growing community like ours: engagement.

Our board read Matthew Miles’s article in the last month’s issue of The Matthew with admiration. Our fellow student diligently argued that “the growth of our school is an amazing and exciting prospect.” It is indeed, Matthew. The statistics on our website show that John Cabot University, as of the current 2018 Fall semester, has 1,507 enrolled students – the highest number our community has ever seen. With a total of 1,494 undergraduate students, between degree-seekers and study-abroads, our student body represents 80 countries and 42 U.S. States. Due to our university’s success, these figures are predicted to increase.

Nonetheless, with a growing community comes great responsibility, to paraphrase Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben. A larger, more culturally-diverse student body may present difficulties in terms of an effective, functional dialogue amongst us. This is where engagement comes into play. By encouraging students to actively partake in our Community’s life, we can create informed students and stronger relationships within the university. Attending events, joining organizations, becoming a Student Leader: these are all ways of being involved in our university’s success. Our Student Government’s role, as well as that of the other 27 clubs we have at JCU, is to facilitate engagement.

Forbes teaches us that there are several factors that contribute to the process, but one of the most powerful drivers of engagement is purpose. Imagine a world where everyone spent the majority of their waking hours working on something that mattered to them. Now imagine 1,507 students working to make our community a better environment for each and every one of us.

Our Student Government Board is committed to promoting the interests of JCU students. It serves as a reference point for Faculty and Staff to better understand the goals and desires of students, as well as a means by which students' concerns may be voiced to the Administration, and we need your help to make this possible.

Send us an email at stugov@johncabot.edu. Our board will be more than happy to assist you in the process.

Get involved and help us help you make our JCU a better place. Success is one email away.

Adriana DeNoble