The Future is Equal

By Sofia Carlettini

Feminism is not about shaming the opposite sex.

Feminism is not about being superior to men.

Feminism is not about judging other women for having a different mindset.


All those women who wish to see men banned from this world are not feminists. That's all.

With these words,I would like to address all the women who read this article: have you ever been asked by a man if you were a feminist as if it were a bad thing?

I think you know what I'm talking about. Feminists today are seen as man-haters. Certainly, with these words, I am not trying to judge all the people who consider themselves feminists, but rather only those who do not have the right to be called that way. I just think the word "feminism" has been abused lately.

Modern feminism has acquired a new face compared to old feminism. To explain the

new face of feminism, I feel that I must introduce the three waves of feminism.

The first wave of feminism, which began in 1848, had a specific objective: obtaining the right to vote for women. Nevertheless, in the 19th and early 20th centuries, only middle-class white women were invited to participate in feminist groups (Lee, “What Are the Three Waves of Feminism?”).  

The second wave of feminism operated in the 50s and 60s on behalf of women who wanted to achieve gender equality in the workplace; in other words, they wanted better working conditions and the abolition of the wage gap between men and women.

The third wave of feminism began in the 1990s and is still alive today. The goal of thethird wave feminists is to empower women by putting them in the spotlight (Bhaumik, “The Problem With Extreme Feminism Today”).

So far, I see nothing wrong with this. However, there are groups of women, which I like to call "fanatical feminists," who cannot live according to the values of traditional feminism, which is why they can not be considered true feminists. Feminism, by definition, is “the movement organized around the belief that women should have social, political, and economic rights equal to those of men” (The Free Dictionary). Fanatical feminists consider themselves superior to men, and for this reason, I do not consider them authentic feminists. These women are giving feminism a bad reputation and this should stop happening (Saad, “Giving Feminism a Bad Name”).

Fanatic feminists have failed to treat men as they should be treated: equal to women. On the contrary, what they constantly do is deprecate men on social media as if everything they do deserves to be publicly insulted. Let's be honest, it's not like all men are holy, but that does not mean they deserve to be isolated because of their gender. Unfortunately, our world is still populated by sexist men, but generalizing by defining all men as "sexists" and "trash" is synonymous with ignorance and is unfair for all men who are neither trash nor sexist (Men Are Trash (@Menstilltrash).

Women who feel superior to men are not feminists, because they treat men the same way they don't want to be treated by them. Women behaving as "superior" does not eliminate the problem; on the contrary, it is only a childish way to combat gender inequality. Women who consider themselves the "superior and better gender" are only increasing the gap between men and women that still exists today, instead of fighting it.

Furthermore, fanatical feminists should stop attacking women who disagree with their point of view. We, as women, should support each other instead of attacking each other just because we do not share the same mindset. Not all women were born to actively fight for their rights; there are women who have voluntarily decided to stay at home to take care of their children and their families. I can not understand why these women should be looked down on for taking this kind of decision. "Live and let live" should be a collective mantra ( Fanatic Feminist Blogger Attacks Families).

Contrary to what many women want and believe, anger is not the key that will solve the problem of gender inequality because it will make it even worse. What everyone should keep in mind for the next generation is that we should educate our children, both boys and girls, to respect each other and treat each other as we all deserve to be treated, that is, as equals. This is what true feminism is all about.

Adriana DeNoble