Oh No! Not Another Feminist Rant…

by Janet Kimani

Feminist. A word that seems to roll bitterly out of many tongues. Many seem to be fed up with it. It’s not uncommon to evoke an eye roll from at least one person in a group of people if you so much as mention the word feminist. The kind of eye roll that implies “enough with the feminism, we get it!” “What? #youtoo?”

But do you really get it?

The growing negative attitude towards feminism is self-evident. It’s in the reluctance shown now by many when asked if they’re feminist. The evident discomfort or displeasure when anything to do with feminism comes up in a conversation, and perhaps the most insufferable is in the obnoxious questions I hear all too commonly like “WhY aRe thEre sudDenLy sO mANy woMen CryiNg SeXuaL AsSauLT?” Like, wow, so sorry their sexual assault doesn’t quite go well with your morning coffee.

Perhaps this apprehension and lack of support is why a man accused of sexual misconduct by three women, who showed nothing but a blatant disregard for decorum was recently given a lifetime position in the highest court  the United States.

The Kavanaugh appointment was a huge spit in the face of all the work we, feminists, have been putting into making sure women’s voices are heard. Making sure that these lecherous predators no longer go unpunished, and that the women who are brave enough to share their stories, out their assaulters, relive those horrendous, harrowing events are able to feel like they were listened to, however, this was not the outcome. What happened instead was something many did not see coming, but in all honesty, should have. The assaulter, Brett Kavanaugh, went scot-free and more than that, was rewarded with an esteemed position and security of tenure to match! Three hoorays for truth, justice and equality!

The biting irony! And the victims? Left with nothing but intractable scars and overwhelmed with just indignation.

Therefore, if these recent events tell us anything, it’s that it’s time to double our efforts. Without fear, without reluctance! We must proclaim our agenda and proclaim it loud. I call upon all you fellow feminists and friends. If ever there was a time to raise our voices, it’s now! Raise them loud enough for those in the back (of the courtrooms) to hear. For the culpable to know that their days are numbered. And especially for those who sleep soundly in their beds of lies and in the warmth of privilege and lifetime tenure, WE WILL NOT, CANNOT, BE SILENCED!

Adriana DeNoble