A Moment for Feminism

by Chryssi Soteriades

I took a Creative Writing class and read my short story aloud to the professor and other students. It was about a girl taking the tram home and the various people she encountered on the way. Each move the girl had to make was calculated. She reviewed each person who entered the tram and created escape scenarios in her head to pass the time. Each shift she made, or glance she dared to take was something she thought about three times over. 

We had 12 girls in our class and three boys. While I was reading, the girls nodded slowly. At the end, the professor asked the class who resonated with the piece. The girls’ hands went up, one by one. A boy’s hand went up too, and he looked at us all and said, “I had no idea.” I think that’s what the first step should be: opening up a dialogue and beginning to create an idea. 

Adriana DeNoble