September 2018

Dear Staff and Student Body,

The board and I are incredibly excited to bring you an entirely new newspaper. The Matthew has now been redesigned to broadcast more students’ opinions, create a dialogue within the community, and attempt to broadcast the beautiful diversity of John Cabot to a wider audience.

Therefore, The Matthew has been divided into four sections: JCU, World, Hot Topic, and Creative Voices. JCU will feature articles on our John Cabot Community -- what needs to be talked about, what we are doing well, what makes us different. World gives students the opportunity to discuss social and political issues. Hot Topic is the section where the board of The Matthew proposes a question to the student body, relevant to student life and young adults, and invites students to respond. Lastly, Creative Voices is a platform for students to display their creative talents.

We have also decided to start featuring staff, faculty, and students on the cover of the newspaper to celebrate all of the work and effort put into making our community unique and successful.

The board of The Matthew looks forward to hearing from you. Submit your articles, opinions, poetry, paintings, doodles, and more to newspaper@ OR through our website,


Adriana DeNoble

Editor in Chief

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